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“Thank you so much for your caring, sharing, prayers and hospitality. I feel very much “at Home” with you. God Bless" – Carol Henry

"We enjoyed the solitude and quiet environment. Thanks for great Hospitality!" – Colin and Margot Lovember

"Truly a feel at Home: Home away from Home Stay . Thank You" – Clinton Meerholz

"Very Comfortable, relaxed and beautiful" – Pierre & Stefane Marais

"We enjoyed the warm homely atmosphere, very neat and well equipped" – Elias, Yvette, Wynand, Lize van der Westhuizen

"Thank You so much for this beautiful place, we really enjoyed our stay and will definitely see you again!" – Ronette de Beer

"Wonderful attention from “nurse” Leonie, many Thanks!" – Denise Parsons

"Thank you so much for sharing your Home and Hospitality. God’s presence is so welcome and felt. May you prosper in all that you do and put your hands to, God Bless" – Joanne Bubb

"Our room was very nice, big, clean, neat and comfortable, lovely bathroom and linen. We hope to come back soon" – Egmant Sippel

"Very Comfortable, very friendly and your staff did a great job!" – Christiane, Wolfgang, Joy, Feier

"Good Place, nice Home, feel at Home. Nice people, all is clean and beautiful, will come back again!" – Klaus, Susanne, Lukas, Noel Schmidt

"I felt very much at Home, a good mix of sightseeing, shopping and the beach" – Rosemarie Camenzind

"Crisp white sheets & a really comfortable Mattress, bliss!, Words cannot express my gratitude in my counseling session, would love to come with Keith (my husband) the next time" – Mandy Muckett

"Thank you so much for your availability, kindness and spiritual covering, the food was absolutely outstanding. The combination of counseling, touring, resting, fellowshipping seems to be perfect" – Christina Bumbacher Berli

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